ASIAL10N | Milestones
ASIAL10N is a language localization service provider specialized in translating Asian languages.
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  • 2010
    Bangkok Office Expansion and Group Restructuring  

    2010 - 2010

    To accommodate the growing strengths of our teams, our Bangkok office moved to our very own four-storey building in the heart of the exclusive Embassy area. Group restructuring was done, sprucing up a state-of-the-art and scalable IT facility to support long-term growth.

  • 2009
    3rd Regional Office – Shanghai, China  

    2009 - 2009

    As part of the strategic growth of the company, and due to high market demand for the Chinese language, the Shanghai office was set up to capture the very best among the cream of China’s talent pool.

  • 2007
    2nd Regional Office – Osaka, Japan


    2007 - 2007

    Due to increasing demand for our Japanese language services, ASIAL10N set up our first Japan office in Osaka to house and grow our very own team of in-house linguists for the Japanese language. This has since allowed us to maintain consistent high quality standards, especially for our long-standing clients.

  • 2005
    1st Regional Office - Thailand, Bangkok  

    2005 - 2005

    ASIAL10N expanded to the first overseas office in Bangkok. We moved our Project Managers, QA and DTP Specialists from Singapore to Bangkok for knowledge transfer as well as to train up a robust full-service team. This was where we started building our own in-house team of Thai linguists.

  • 1998
    Launch of ASIAL10N in Singapore


    1998 - 1998

    ASIAL10N started off as a small outfit supported mainly by global multilingual vendors (MLVs).