ASIAL10N | Services - Translation, Localization, Desktop Publishing (DTP)
ASIAL10N Translation and Localization. We specialize in the languages we know best, the languages of eastern and south-eastern Asia.
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Translation, Localization and Desktop Publishing (DTP) in the Languages We Know Best.

Translation and Localization

Language Specialization

At ASIAL10N, we specialize translating, localizing and DTP in the languages we know best, the languages of eastern and south-eastern Asia.

Qualified Linguists

Our linguists (translators and editors) are well-certified and experienced in their fields. They are native speakers and they understand the religious views, cultural nuances, political sensitivities and values of the target audience.

Industry Specialization

If your content is technical or specialized, we will match you with teams that are subject-matter experts and fluent in their terminologies.

Editor Review

Once translation is completed, it will be reviewed by an editor, who is another native speaker. While all of our editors are trained and experienced as translators, editing is a different and unique skill set that requires a sharp eye for detail and a broad base of cross-cultural knowledge. The editor also ensures consistent terminology usage and style across the materials. This is where your document is polished and perfected.

Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA)

Once editor review is completed, the project undergoes LQA by a third native speaker. After which, the files can proceed to DTP or be delivered to clients.

Localization Journey Support

We believe in building relationships and brands. We often assist clients with long term localization needs in establishing and maintaining tailored style guides, glossaries and terminology processes. This step guides them through their localization journey with ease.

Client Dedicated Team

For long term or large scale projects, we have the capacity to assemble a dedicated team to meet the needs of the projects.

Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Supplementary Service

In addition to our core service suite, we also provide post-translation DTP services, also known as typesetting and design. This ensures that newly-translated text is well laid out and in accordance to different languages’ typesetting rules. This service helps speed up the localization process as we have the DTP specialists who already understand the language.

Different Typesetting Rules

As the volume of content often changes after translation, we ensure that the appearance of the layout stays professional under the different typesetting rules, illustrating the complexity of DTP.

Asian Languages in Focus

Asian languages have different kinds of alphabets and characters, from Latin-based alphabets (Tagalog, Vietnamese) to non-Roman alphabets (Korean) to syllabaries (Thai) and pictographic writing systems (Chinese). Our in-house DTP specialists understand the intricacies to mirror the layout of source materials while preserving the client’s brand image.

Mechanical Quality Assurance

Post-DTP, MQA is done to ensure that layout and linguistics match, as well as conform to cultural adaptation. After which, the files can be delivered to clients.